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We provide a healthy, environmentally-friendly cleaning service for all clients.  We use natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products and tools, such as pumice stones, baking soda, vinegar-water solution, essential oils, etc.

We are open to special requests from our clients because we know there are tons of options in the market to fit any lifestyle

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Everything started when a friend invited me to help her with a cleaning project that she had in that moment and so little by little I learned a lot until I got the experience and knowledge I have now. This has been and still is a challenge since this is a job that requires a lot of tact and physical effort but its absolutely very rewarding specially when you see how others benefit. I am thankful because during this journey I found a lot of support, beautiful friends, learning, lessons and of course! the opportunity to be my own boss. I love the option to apply my awareness, promoting the local economy, generating jobs, showing simpler and more natural ways to proceed with the tasks of cleaning in our homes or offices.
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